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We believe that our role is to assist you in creating a home environment that is beautiful, comfortable, uncomplicated, and practical.

We work with fabrics and materials that compliment the design of your home, and provide solutions that are as invisible as possible so that you and your guests focus on the design elements you want to see. We can make window shades and lighting add visual interest and impact, and we can make thermostats, speakers, electrical receptacles, even lighting and HVAC vents completely or nearly invisible.

Our clients are increasingly asking us to help provide smart solutions that are simple to use. We never take away the simplicity our systems should provide. We believe you, or a guest, should be able to walk into your home for the first time and intuitively understand how to turn on lights, open shades, or adjust the schedule of your thermostat. Many of our clients use smart phones as a method of control. but using technology can still allow for controls that are easy to understand. We can provide a simple way for you to turn on the heat hours before you return home from a winter vacation, or to automatically turn on lights when you are getting close to home. We can help provide solutions that allow you to control your home by voice commands with Alexa, Siri, or Ok Google. But, most importantly, we want these things not to take away the simplicity and intuitiveness that makes you comfortable.

Our focus is to enhance your lifestyle and your home with energy-saving solutions that compliment your aesthetic and meet your budget.

Imagine never coming home to a dark house again. We can help make coming home in the evening more comfortable, safe and energy-efficient.

We can help with lighting inside and outside of your home. The proper lighting is more important than many of us realize. For most of us the quality of light can have the greatest impact on our experience of our surroundings

Our clients expect to see the full spectrum of accurate colors in the lighting for their art, their food presentation, or their fabrics and finishes. We work with lighting that is very reliable and accurate in color rendering (CRI) and allows the light levels and color of the light to be controlled to suit the mood or activity of the space. For example, our clients may ask for bright, vibrant lighting in the kitchen in the morning, but soft, warm lighting in the evening.

We have decades of experience working with all of the typical light sources, and we continue to stay ahead of the curve as our clients increasingly ask for energy-efficient LED solutions. There are so many LED options - some are fair and some are excellent - and it seems dozens come and go every year. We focus on understanding design with LED lighting and the importance of the quality of the light.

Light sources can be minimized and can complement other devices in the ceiling, such has speakers or HVAC vents, to provide a trimless, uncluttered look in a clean ceiling.

Window shading is perhaps one of the solutions that offers the most opportunity to make our clients' lives easier and their homes more beautiful and energy-efficient.

Whether your design calls for the soft aesthetic of draperies or roman shades, or the clean look of roller shades, we can provide beautiful materials and solutions that provide the right blend of function and design.

Our clients are increasingly asking us for controllable window and skylight shades as awareness increases and costs make them a more practical option. Most of our clients tell us that shades that are not controlled typically are not used. Controllable shades are completely silent, dynamic, and allow for a view and privacy when you want it. They can protect art or furnishings from UV damage, and can control glare while still allowing a view connecting you to the outdoors. They can keep a room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They can simultaneously allow daylight and privacy in the master bath, or provide complete darkness in the master bedroom.

Let us know if we can get any fabric or materials samples to you.

We believe the most enjoyable music experiences provide an even, pleasant listening environment while preserving the design of the space.

Most of our clients choose the source of their music to be as invisible and transparent as possible. Speakers can be completely invisible in indoor or outdoor spaces, or can be highlighted and featured as a design element.

We can provide clear, articulate music in a dining room to enhance entertaining, with speakers that are completely invisible. These are common in spaces where our clients desire a clean, uninterrupted ceiling. We can also provide outdoor audio that provides the fun that music brings to a party without compromising the even level of music that allows for comfortable conversation.

Let us show you how transparent great music can be. The experience can be transformative.

Temperature control should be simple and easy to understand. We believe changing heating/cooling modes or adjusting schedules should be as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

The variety in styles of thermostats allow for them to be completely invisible, grouped with the same look and feel of other controls, or finished in a sleek material such as glass or brushed metal for an impactful look.

Some thermostats can be combined with other factors such as heat gain through windows to keep occupants comfortable, and dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs.

Most of the energy we use in our homes is consumed by heating, cooling, and lighting. The good part is, it's what we do, and we can help.

We focus on a combination of factors such as temperature control, smart use of high-quality lighting, and heat gained and lost through windows, to make your home as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible.

The most effective techniques for energy-savings are automatic and transparent. Ideally, you shouldn't have to think about it, and it shouldn't be disruptive or distracting.